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Learn from Duetto, 80 DAYS and hotel General Manager Chris Lynch about the benefits of bringing marketing and Revenue Strategy together, including:

  • How to balance a renewed focus on Book Direct with a multi-channel strategy that helps your hotel get the most from OTAs, meta search engines and social platforms.
  • How predictive analytics can help you build out a complete picture of your customer, helping you to present targeting marketing messages promoting tailored packages, resulting in increased conversions.
  • Understanding the importance of online reputation and brand advocacy, creating a well-crafted content marketing strategy that increases awareness and drives booking enquiries.

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Learn how to leverage digital marketing to power your hotels' Revenue Strategy

Now is the time for a convergence of marketing and Revenue Strategy. For too long, hotel departments have operated in silos, with key disciplines working independently of each other. As competition to the industry increases and diversifies, in the form of online travel agents, meta search engines and the sharing economy, hotels can no longer afford to allow these silos to exist.

Marketing and revenue management have to come together. As OTA commissions continue to rise, hotels must drive direct bookings by providing tailored, timely packages that are relevant to the market and priced to drive maximum profit.

Hotels can only do this if they truly know their guest. Here, investment in data is critical. It can help hotels predict demand and consumer patterns, leading to effective segmentation and real time pricing.

Hotels need to bring marketing and revenue management together to create a Revenue Strategy in order to survive.


“The OTAs have massive marketing reach. They can tap into markets that hotels can’t reach. They offer huge choice and convenience to the consumer and for that reason customers will continue to use them. For hoteliers to continue to class them as the villain is wrong.”

–Michael McCartan, Managing Director, EMEA, Duetto