“This show is about the history of revenue management, how it morphed into Revenue Strategy, and how to create value for the guest while still making money.”

– Glenn Haussman, host, No Vacancy podcast

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Whitepaper: 7 Common Hotel Pricing Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make

If you’re wondering where your profits have gone, it might be time to explore how you’re pricing your hotel rooms. For example, selling out your hotel sounds like the ultimate goal, but if you do it too early, it can be one of the costliest mistakes you can make.

In this whitepaper you will see the seven most common room pricing mistakes that could cost your hotel big money.

Podcast: No Vacancy with Glenn Haussman

No Vacancy with Glenn Haussman is the travel industry’s most exciting podcast. A fun, fast paced genre bending program peeling back the travel business veneer. Perfect for road warriors, leisure travelers and industry insiders, we look behind the scenes of the travel business by sharing stories, experiences, and with interviews featuring the industry’s biggest names. Host Glenn Haussman is a well know travel industry personality, renowned industry speaker, writer, and consultant.