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wp-2017-smart-guide.pngWhen properly executed, hospitality revenue management can drive very substantial increases in top-line growth and overall profitability for hotels and casinos. Hospitality revenue management involves Big Data, demand forecasting, price optimization models and next-generation technology solutions. 

This Smart Decision Guide is intended for decision makers, including hotel and resort operators, property managers and owners, who are looking to bring the science of Revenue Strategy to their businesses. In this whitepaper, you will find a roadmap for getting started on the path toward increased hotel revenue and profitability.

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“Next-generation revenue management solutions make it possible to manage pricing in a way that dynamically responds to changes in demand and optimizes profitability based on price elasticity. The need for these solutions has become increasingly urgent with the proliferation of online travel agencies with differing pricing and commission structures, shrinking booking windows, ever-more intense hotel competition in high-demand destinations and ever-increasing pressure to drive profitable growth.”

–Jeff Zabin, research director at Starfleet Research