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In this webinar, hear from Revenue By Design, Interstate Hotels and Duetto, as they consider:

  • Automation and the new role of the revenue manager.
  • How to optimise the customer booking journey
  • On-property practicalities of building and running a Revenue Strategy

Who You'll Learn From



 Learn how to elevate your occupancy, ADR and RevPAR with a cohesive Revenue Strategy

Growth is expected in most global economies in 2018. After years of downturns and recessions, improved economic prosperity is likely to bolster the travel sector. This is good news for the hotel industry.

Learn from three industry leaders as they offer up their different but complementary perspectives on how to best get started on your Revenue Strategy journey.


“Hoteliers are still using methods created in the late 90’s to price their rooms. Providing the same price through different channels that cater to different markets that have different booking patterns is an inefficient way to price, yet this has been the standard in our industry. Watch this webinar to learn how to elevate your Revenue Strategy using technology and processes that will give you the advantage.”

–Michael McCartan, Managing Director, EMEA, Duetto