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On-Demand Webinar (presented on 5 September 2023)

How to Practically Apply Total Profitability to Your Property Revenue Strategy in APAC

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Are you looking to unlock the true revenue potential of your property in the highly competitive hospitality industry? Discover the power of Total Profitability and learn how to optimize your property revenue strategy in our upcoming webinar that’s tailored for APAC revenue professionals.

About the Webinar

In this insightful webinar, we will delve into the practical applications of Total Profitability and how it can revolutionize your property's revenue strategy. Our esteemed panel of industry experts from Shiji, SiteMinder and Duetto will share valuable insights and best practices across APAC to help you elevate your integrated tech stack, comprising PMS, RMS, and Channel Manager. By leveraging usable data from various revenue streams, including rooms, F&B, Meeting Spaces, Spas, and more, you can maximize total profitability like never before.

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What You Will Learn?

✔️How to Elevate Your Integrated Tech Stack

- Learn how to harness the power of an integrated tech stack to gain comprehensive insights into your property's performance.

- Discover strategies to leverage data from multiple revenue streams and make informed decisions for higher profitability.

✔️Find out Best Practices from Customer Properties Across APAC

- Get inspired by real success stories from our customer properties, showcasing how they have effectively applied Total Profitability to elevate their revenue strategies.

 - Learn from their experiences and adopt proven tactics for immediate impact.

✔️Discover The Science Behind Attribute Selling and Its Curation

- Unravel the concept of attribute selling and explore the science that drives its success.

- Understand how data analysis, market research, and customer preferences play a crucial role in curating attribute-based experiences.


Our Expert Speakers:


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